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TWAC 2020-2021 Race Report

Rowing. Across the Atlantic Ocean. Without break. But how do you get such an idea? Before we talk more about that, you should know more about the challenge.
Yearly mid of December the ´Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge´ (short TWAC) takes place, which is considered the toughest rowing challenge in the world. Around 30 teams take part in this challenge every year, with everything from 1 to team of 5. The start is in La Gomera (Canary Islands) and leads over the Atlantic to Antigua (Caribbean) with a distance of 4,800 km and this takes about 30 - 90 days.

But why rowing? Well, flying into space is a bit far away, Mount Everest is a bit too high (Marina is afraid of heights), Marathon and Ironman is not quite our thing, so rowing it is! Our fascination for this challenge started in the moment where we heard about the crossing of Swiss Mocean . In the meantime, we were able to meet even more Swiss teams and there is no turning back for us anymore - we will be there in 2021!


Yes, physical fitness and rowing technique is definitely the first thing you think of. Absolutely important! But besides physical fitness and rowing technique are also the mental strength, endurance, willpower and oh well, all the other important things to organize on the to-do list. We will keep you updated on our progress and look forward to welcoming you on our way to La Gomera and from there to Antigua.

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World map route La Gomera - Antigua

Fun Facts

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30 to 90 days

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3,000 Miles

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per team about 1.5 million

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From the Ocean desalinated

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per day and person 12,000 kcal

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2h sleeping, 2h rowing

Race Facts

Alternative Mount Everest?

More people have climbed Mount Everest than rowed across an ocean. - See, of course we row!


Millions of dollars have been raised over the past few races and donated to charities. - We are motivated to raise as much as possible to our selected organization.

Depth of the Atlantic

At the deepest point, the Atlantic is 8.5 km deep. - We probably won't see it.


Two support yachts accompany the teams across the Atlantic. In 2013 a yacht covered almost 17,000 km. - In 2022 with the yacht?

Toilet paper

Each rower will use approximately 800 toilet paper. - Hopefully there is still enough toilet paper after Corona!

Water consumption

Each rower should drink 10 liters of water a day. - Fortunately we are right at the source.

Calorie consumption

Rowers burn about 5,000 calories a day. – Feel the burn!

Weight loss

Each rower loses an average of 12 kilos of body weight when crossing the Atlantic. - Luckily, we still have some extra weight.