With Kovive we support a charitable organization which is very important to us. The well-being of children is very important to both of us and also connects us strongly through our au pair experience in the USA. We believe that every child deserves a safe and loving childhood.

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Childcare solutions for children in German-speaking Switzerland

Children and teenagers in challenging life situations need family support. With their staircase model, they offer suitable childcare services for children and teenagers, which are looked after by guest, contact and foster families. Whether weekend, vacation or permanent support: Kovive is looking for an individual solution.


Together, Kovive makes children happy

The social aid chain in Switzerland is multi-parted and strong. However, there are certain gaps, particularly in the supplementary care and support for socially disadvantaged children and young people. This is where Kovive steps in with its support solutions and funding offers.


Against child poverty

Child poverty is a reality in Switzerland. If the parents are financially weak, the children suffer the most. They cannot participate in society like their companions, which has immediate and long-term negative consequences. By means of specific care solutions and camps, Kovive, together with partner families, volunteers and thanks to your support, improves the life situation and future prospects of children and young people affected by poverty in Switzerland.


Camps for children and teenagers

Children and teenagers experience fun and adventure in the Kovive camps. Thanks to the aspects of support, education, care, health and exercise, the participants also have the opportunity to develop further and learn something for life sustainably.