We connect through not doing 'normal' stuff!

We got to know each other in our studies at the beginning of 2018. This does not seem to be very long, but we have had this connection from the beginning. The similar past (living and studying abroad), the love of nature and animals, our stubbornness and positive thinking have linked us since day one. The idea of ​​facing this challenge came with a documentary about rowing across the Atlantic. Marina was immediately hooked and told Sonja about it.

And here we are...

The reason why we do this? We couldn't find a reason why we shouldn't! We are at a point in life where we want to do something for ourselves, support children with our donation and grow with the challenge. Giving up is never an option for us, but the most important thing is to take on the challenge together, to come out stronger, to stay healthy and to deepen our friendship.

Why did we choose this charity? We were both lucky to grow up in good old Switzerland with a happy childhood full of love. Not every child has this privilege in Switzerland. We worked in childcare in the United States and it is important for every child to grow up in a safe and loving environment. With Kovive we have found a loving and reliable charity to support children who live in poverty and in dysfunctional families. Because every child deserves a safe and loving childhood.



Marina Hunziker

Our lion


Sonja Graf

The social one

Miss Universe

Miss Universe

Our ground