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And now we got on TV!

On February 21st, we got a visit by Tele 1 and were already on the same day featured in the daily news section - what a great day! You are able to watch the recording with following link.

Recording Tele 1

Visit the official TWAC website for more information

The challenge is organized by Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, who do a great job thanks to years of experience. Not only the winner is celebrated here, but every single team and everyone involved.

Sneak peak video TWAC

or check out their Youtube Channel!

Zum Channel

Learn more about the charity

The challenge is based on the principle that money is raised for a charitable cause. This makes the already interesting challenge even better! Since we have a big heart for children and this also connects us through our personal experience in the USA, it was clear that we wanted to support an organization for children.

News Archive

Just reached the financing barrier for our Crowdfunding!!

Just amazing how you guys support our project and therefore KOVIVE! With reaching the financing barrier you ensured, that we receive your money-support - but the donating ist not over yet ;) Crowdfunding is still ongoing until Sunday, February 28th 2021! A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has already donated and to everyone who still will!


And now we got on TV!

Today, we got a visit by Tele 1 and were already on the same day featured in the daily news section - what a great day! You are able to watch the recording with following link.

Recording Tele 1

Article in Fit for Life

We are excited to be featured in the current issue of Fit for Life. You are able to read the article on our Facebook page or Instagram, in case you missed it.


Already 65% reached with Crowdfunding!!

Wow we feel deeply moved about your amazing support out there! After almost 2 weeks have we, thanks to you, already 65% collected towards our financing barrier for our crowdfunding - just WOW! At this point already a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has already donated and to everyone who still will!


Crowdfunding has started!

Finally! Our crowdfunding is officially open, to collect the race fee for the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2021. We are deeply thankful for every contribution, it wouldn't be possible without you!


Race start TWAC 2020

Today was race start of this year's Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. Excited, we watched the start through Facebook Live. Originally was planed, that we watch the start live in La Gomera and we would exchange knowledge with current race teams. Unfortunately, due to travel restrictions we weren't able to travel. It's okay though, the exchange in this community is excellent and is happening anyway - just a bit different.

Webseite TWAC

First weekend with Miss Universe

Yes, it was a bit quiet about us. We had to finish our thesis for our studies, but don't worry - we are back now! And we celebrated this right away with a full weekend with our Miss Universe at Vierwaldstättersee in Brunnen. And yes it was a bit cold, but not even that did frighten us!



Tonight, we were invited at the first Ocean-Rowing-Event in Bern, at I Believe In You Switzerland. Florian Ramp, Team Adventure 2019/2020 shared important findings and tips gained during his atlantic crossing with us. Thank you very much and the hospitality from I Believe In You, Bern! At this event we were not only able to exchange knowledge with Florian, but also with other future Swiss rowing teams - what a great evening!

I Believe In You

First Row with Miss Universe

Finally!! We were able to take our Miss Universe out on the Vierwaldstättersee the very first time - this together with Gabi Schenkel! What a great day with perfect weather!


Fallenbach Werft AG, Brunnen

We'd like to use this moment to already thank Fallenbach Werft AG in Brunnen! Not only are we able to give our Miss Universe a home there, but Fallenbach Werft AG is also an important sponsor for our project.
THANK YOU for your support!

Fallenbach Werft AG

Clean-up day!

Our "little one" Miss Universe experienced already a bit during her first Atlantic corssing. During that corssing she also got a bit dirty. Therefore, we cleaned her today, together with her sister "Heidi".
For pictures visit our Facebook page.


Kettler Sports - new sponsor

We are very excited about our two aquarowers as sponsoring for our project! Now we are able to train also at home and prepare us perfectly for our Atlantic crossing.
THANK YOU Kettler Sports!

And yes we know you are of course very interested as well to get such a rowing maching ;) that's why you get the link below

Kettler Sports

First article about us in the newspaper!

Blick was the first newspaper to report on us. Today, this article was published in Blick Sport. Follow the link below to read the original article.

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Our team is complete!

After our long drive from Lucerne to Wassenaar, Netherlands, we were finally able to hug our Miss Universe this evening - well rather pet her. It is love at first sight and we can't wait to take her on a ride. Now we stay here for a few days to get valuable ocean rowing advice before heading back to Switzerland with our Miss Universe on Monday!
Have you already seen our Facebook page?


Finally - our website is live!

After many hours of work on the website, it is finally live for you! We will keep you up to date here. For more visual impressions, visit our Instagram.


Photoshooting with Gabi Schenkel
The Swiss 1s

Today we had the honor to meet Gabi Schenkel, TWAC19 participant, very early in the morning! She took wonderful photos with us for the website and we would like to thank you again for this! Gabi is a fascinating woman and we are honored that we can not only buy her boat, but that she will continue to support us! So make sure to check out her website and even book Gabi for a presentation.

The Swiss 1s

We are officially registered for the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge!

We are excited that the registration was successful and we were able to secure our entry for the race in 2021.

However, there is still a long way to go and we will need all the support we can get. Take a closer look at the sponsoring area or contact us directly if you would like to support us in a different way.